John Allen Bell

15AUG58: Jacksonville, FL.: Ignition

25DEC68 1000 acre Lazy M Ranch, Monett, MO After HS graduation in Springfield, MO in '76 ~ set out to subjugate ignorance, adjudicate conventional dogma, confound riddle and mock mockery; to be sure, as we, the class of 1976, The "Bicentennial Class" Elect: turned the page into the Revelation Paradox:

28DEC76 swore my oath of enlistment as follows:

"I solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic;

That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me: According to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God. I swear that I am fully aware and fully understand the conditions under which I am enlisting" :

Advanced Electronics Field (AEF) ~ Six Year Active Obligated Service:

SMSU ~ Judo ~ Sociology ~ US Navy Electronic Submarine Warfare Missile Tech. ~ Surface Missile Weapons Systems ~ Fire Control Search Radar ~ Naval Tactical Data System ~ Absolute Power devoid quid pro quo:

Aikido ~ Banking Network Engineering ~ Memphis TN ~ Process Control Systems Engineering integrating customer processes with technological migration [Moore's Law] advanced systems application, implementation, globally diverse manufacturing sectors ~ Pearl Street Cafe' Blues club owner in TX ...


18NOV81: Service Connected Core Electrocution aboard USS Warship DDG-38 (across heart to ground) 10,000 VDC [3rd stage transmitter modulation trigger]:

POOF to the edge of LIGHT;

No life flash, plenty, hear this PLENTY of time;

all in some frame of [time dilation]

SELF ~ blown away to the Light ~ it is not time, I am not done yet no way! ; And I knew it! Big-time Self aware my entire Being screamed:

!!!!!!!!!!!! NO !!!!!!!!!!!! E=mc^2 !!!!!!!!!!!! NO !!!!!!!!!!!!

TIME Stopped

Alone facing the edge of Light; seemingly awake and upright: The void behind me (darkness): home (light) before me... I cried please..? I ... am so sorry...Self... Released...Emptied...Focused: Beloved I was the sorry:

You know: be the ball? - The zone? - The sweet spot? ...: not now! I am so sorry... I am so sorry... over & over... POOF ~ HURLED back to my vacated visceral domain ~ Destiny?


Strange things can happen when you move fast ...things you won't learn about in high school courses, and won't experience while driving down the road in your pick-up..

But these things are still very real, and definitely WEIRD! Light rays travel very quickly...they cover about 300,000 kilometers every second. This is as fast as anything can travel;nothing can move as fast as light particles. But if it were possible to build a very powerful vehicle that could move almost as fast as light...perhaps 200,000 km every second...then anyone observing this vehicle as it flashed past would notice some extremely peculiar things happening to it. The vehicle would appear shorter than normal, and in fact, it would be shorter. If the vehicle were ordinarily 3 meters long, it might now be only 2 meters in length. If you were able to weigh the vehicle, you would discover that it weighed much more than normal. Anybody riding in it would weigh many times their normal weight... However, the people in the vehicle would not FEEL any heavier, or any thinner. They would feel and look normal to themselves...but if they looked out the window, they would see the rest of the world moving by, and IT would appear to be shrunk.

Things get much more interesting if you fly off in a spacecraft that can go REALLY fast...perhaps 200.000 km per second. Now time is really slowing down. Suppose you and a friend are both exactly 16 years old. He stays on earth, but you go off for a trip in our very fast spacecraft. Fifty years go by on earth. (It's a long way to the nearest stars!) You return to find your friend is now 65 years old. You, however, have experienced a phenomenon known as [time dilation]. Time has been running more slowly for you, in the fast-moving spacecraft. According to you, the trip took only TEN years...and you are just 26 years old! This effect would seem impossible...yet it has been demonstrated to be a fact.

Once again, small particles can be observed and measured. Many are radioactive, which means they disintegrate with clockwork precision. The time it takes them to disintegrate can be accurately measured. When these particles are accelerated to high ('relativistic') speeds as in our example above, they live longer before disintegrating! It has been almost 100 years since these theories were first put forward by Einstein and others, and since then they have become accepted as fact by scientists world-wide. More evidence of their validity is also apparent from studies of objects in far distant space.